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Hello guys, I’m back after a little break, had a great time to rest, how have you been doing over there? Missed all your attention, was thinking about each of you with who we’ve ever had some nice cozy moments together… It’s cool that nowadays we have such a chance to stay in touch while living far away from each other. I’m ok, I’ve been on some holiday, happy and relaxed, looking forward to see you all back for me. The one who comes back first will get the surprise hihi.
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Recently I wake up early… hihi But normally after my studying at the University, maybe just now, while on holidays, a bit earlier, or… may stay a bit longer if you ask 😉
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Fri 24 May

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Things that excite me and that make me happy? I like when a man is romantic, but strong at the same time. Independent, experienced, reliable. I can be a naughty girl with such a guy, but till that time I always prefer being a lady, intelligent, reserved a bit, it’s for you to open me for yoursel Things i don’t want to do or what i don’t like? Please, try to understand… Don’t make me get naked as soon as you are in my room, ok? If you treat me well and behave politely, I will not be neither scared, nor shy. I’m curious about how far this can lead us

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