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Do you know this feeling when the first sounds of your favorite song carry you to some time? carefree time. maybe it’s a beach on the shores of a raging ocean, or it’s mountains and forests .. feel this smell, this freedom. maybe it’s a big concert of your favorite rock band. you close your eyes, get carried away at that time and understand how happy you are. I want to try to become this music for you …
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Im night time person; but you of course can try catch me)
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Things that excite me and that make me happy? I like when a man can inspire me to do things. Yes, I’m ready to cook pizza for you. I’m ready to wear the most sophisticated clothes to satisfy your fantasies. I’m ready to become your best friend. are you ready? Things i don’t want to do or what i don’t like? I do not like it when a man does not open the door in front of me

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