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Hey, guys!
let me start this tinny novel by thanking you for taking the time to read this. . .
I am Alex, I was born and raised in Romania, by the sea side; I still live in Romania, don’t ask for more details, please
I like to sing, yet I know my voice sucks, I am a very active person, no I am not drunk nor high and I was neither drunk, nor high when I got any of my tats, YES, they are all tatoos, some hurt, some didn’t, at a part of one I even fainted. . .I don’t care how they will look when I am over 50 and if you care, it’s just your problem, not mine.
I got 4 body piercings (one in each nipple, one in left labia and one in clit) and two more in my tongue.
I like to be honest, this is a job for me, I am not here to find my soul mate, I would not mind a sugar daddy, but I do NOT mix work with feelings, sex with feelings, money with sex or feelings with money, or anything with sex!! sex is something holly and it should be treated alike!!
I love gaming and 9gag, I like cooking and dancing and I love testing my limits and reaching new boundaries.
Romanian is one of my mother tongues, english is my first foreign language, french is my second and I am trying to learn some german, I am a fast learner, so if you are willing to help, I am willing to learn even faster 🙂
I have been a cam model for over 5 years, I am a tinny sex addict and I easily get bored and need new and better or different entertaining (probably reason why I still am single)
I do have and like wearing heels, but it’s pretty difficult to get me out of my sneakers and out of my long (golf) socks.
I do smoke, I vape, I love my tinny hookah; I’d rather give up on food than coffee; I don’t have kids, so no milk either; I don’t do drugs, I rarely drink and very important, my breasts are natural (90G size), I grew them up myself!!
I am not your typically cam girl, I am not a slave, nor a dom. . . I like to consider myself a pet with personality. . ..
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The best change to find me online.

I am only on a daily basis and if I am online it means I am in a playful mood, so don’t ask me if I am horny cause the answer should be obvious, just hit me up and let’s have some fun. I am the thing that you want, I have the stuff that you need 🙂
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Do’s & Don’ts

Things that excite me and that make me happy? Deep throat my 30 cm dildo
play with my pussy with a 21 cm dildo
show my breasts
play anal with dildo
double penetration
squirtlick/such feet/toes
breasts and body bondage
spank breasts
spank ass Things i don’t want to do or what i don’t like? No toilet games, no golden showers, nothing that involves, not even simulated. . .
no wax or hot substances
no needles, no new holes, no cuts, no sharp objects. ..
I also do not insert any kind of objects, got plenty of toysno puke
no puke

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